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Printing fabric


Woweee long time no post. Anyway this weekend I went off to find some beautiful colourful fabric for my new room (pictures coming soon!) I couldn't find anything I liked, it was so annoying. Anyway I got home and decided to print my own. The best thing is it's really easy and you only really need household items.

Fabric (cotton works best)
Fabric paints (I used acrylics)
Freezer paper

I'd never heard of freezer paper before because it basically doesn't exist in England but I'd seen a couple of people use it for quilting and they always said that when ironed this magical household item would fuse to the fabric. No way! It looks a lot like baking paper so I tried that and got very confused that no sticking was happening. After a quick google I found freezer paper on amazon. For english readers it's like baking parchment but one side is covered in plastic which then melts when ironed. Magic!

1. Spread out your paper and draw your design on the matte side. If you're doing circles like I did it will help to draw a grid to keep them nice and even.

2. If you will be printing a large amount of fabric (or more than can fit on one sheet of freezer paper) you can layer them up and cut through more than one layer. Stack up your sheets and tape down that sides.

3. Cut out your design using a scalpel.

4. Iron your design onto your fabric. Take your time and be careful that the iron's tip doesn't rip the paper.

5. Start painting!

6. Wait for your design to dry and then peel of your paper. Hey presto!

I loved how it looked before I took off the paper. I may have to do a sploge pattern. Hmm

Edit: This post was originally published on Feb 20 2012 10:31PM


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