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My Visit to Edinburgh!


Boy am I tired! Yesterday morning I woke up nice and early and flew out to Edinburgh to visit my future University before flying back last night. It was an amazingly tiring day but I had so much fun and it was so nice to get so excited about it and feel like I was really doing the right thing. Here's a few reasons why I love this city.

Snow! I'm not a big fan of hot weather (I think even chilly Britain is a little too balmy sometimes) so seeing snow out of my plane window was so fun!

No one drives cars in Edinburgh, it's bikes all the way baby!

There's sooo many cute places to eat. My favourite find yesterday was the hula bar, I recommend the Blue Hawaiian smoothie. Yum yum yum.

Every day at the zoo they take the penguins out of their cages for a little walk around the zoo.

I'm going to graduate in the most beautiful building I've ever seen!

The museum is just enchanting. There is a room filled with old brass astronomy instruments which never really worked but were so expensive to make that people kept them. Ever single object looks like something from another world.

My favourite vintage shop ever is directly opposite my seminar room. Oh dear.

There are so many little passageways with hidden staircases and secret shops and pubs. It feels like Harry Potter!

Their mascot is called Robert the Moose. I cannot wait to hug him!


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