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My aim is to travel in style


 I'm sure hiking and backpacking works for a lot of people but I know it won't work for me. The worrying thing is that whenever I mention me and George's trip to people they mention words like "rucksack", "camping stove" and anorak. It scares me. Alot. But worry not; I am absolutely certain that I can manage to travel Europe without ever looking like a hippy. And so welcome to my new project!

The first thing on my list is to find a large, stylish bag which is light and easy to carry. It's seriously hard! Most are black and look like you've strapped a tent to your back or the pretty ones are just way too small. I have eventually narrowed it down to a few choices for a large bag and then I will buy a day bag too and a few collapsible bags for the multitude of souvenirs I will no doubt buy.


1. This super cool korean designer bag is available here on ebay. I think it's pretty cool and pretty unisex too so I wouldn't feel too bad about asking George to carry it for me but sadly I think I've conclused that it's just too easy to steal from.

2. This is pretty high on the list for my day bag. First reason it's mickey mouse themed. Second reason it's made by lazy oaf, the coolest brand ever. Buy it here!

3. I love the yellow and blue colouring of this backpack but it's a really awkward size; not really big enough for a main back but too big for a day bag. If I was going on a long weekend I would totally snap it up though!

4. Another lovely lazy oaf collection. I love the colour and it would probably fit in a bit better than the disney wonder. Buy here.

5. I am loving this option! A pretty big bag that looks super pretty and is super easy to carry too. It may be an option to buy this as well as a rucksack....just saying. Buy it here.

6. A pretty snazzy option! Super pretty and only slightly smaller than the other pull along bag. Buy it here.

7. This is my sensible get out clause for if I realise that I hae packed way too many things to fit into one of the others. Buy it here!
P.S. If you make rucksacks please please please make these available in adult size. It needs to be done. There are stylish and childish travellers demanding it.

All available here.


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