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I love Valentines day


My Mum is so adorable, every since I can remember me and my brother have got the cutest little presents for holidays. This morning she gave me some mini gingerbread men. So cute! I love you mummy! you are so adorable!

valentines day the florist in my village does the prettiest display of bright red roses and bloom and it always puts such a smile on my face imagining how happy people will be to receive them!

Aren't they beautiful?

 o been working for ages on George's valentines day present. It is a music box which plays the Portal theme tune (it's a video game- it's really cool!).

I was inspired by this youtube video.

The box is made of wood which I then painted and inside is a music box which I bought from ebay and then made a punch card to play the tune. It took forever! (It was originally going to be a christmas present!) But it is finally finished and ready to give to him tonight, I hope he likes it!

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