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I love my roller skates


My boyfriend has this wonderful habit of being pretty awesome. To cheer me up when I was feeling blue he took me ice skating which was pretty cool in itself! I hadn't been ice skating since I was a really little girl when I used to take proper lessons and even got pretty good. It was really annoying going back to falling over and being all wobbly. Gargh! So I told him that I would practise like crazy. Hwever there's not too many ice rinks too close to me so by the time I get to one I've shelled out £20. Then all of a sudden a few days later I get up and there is a massive parcel addressed to "Miss Ally- Wheels of Fire- Ebdon". (He does that such a lot and I love it to bits, he bought me a trench before we went to Paris for the first time and addressed it to "Miss Ally's got a new coat" it makes me giggle such a lot!)

I love how fab and retro they are. I haven't stopped skating around the kitchen. Thank you mister!


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