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Happy national movie theatre day


I am really craving a movie party to celebrate national movie theatre day. I am hoping that Mr Films (my brother) buys a projector in time for summer so I can have a couple of movie nights with my friends. I love this set up with the fairy lights around the screen, fairy lights just make everything good.

I have promptly filed away this picture (found on pinterest) showing you how to make an outdoor screen. Sadly the link seems to be a little messed up and I couldn't find any instructions. But it seems quite self explainatory?

It also got me thinking about what movies I would be playing for my lovely audience. Here is my (very childish but loved) selection.
1. Royal Tenenbaums 
2. Amelie 
3. The Princess Bride 
4. Tangled
5. Marie Antoinette 
6. Scott Pilgrim

 Anyway, until I can host a film night I shall have to make do with yummy popcorn. Here are my favourite recipes.

1. White chocolate with candy mixed in!

2. Chocolate and cinnamon popcorn!

3. Pink Coloured white chocolate popcorn.

4. Popcorn with marshmallows and chocolate melted on top!

5. Carmel chocolate popcorn.

6. More white chocolate pink deliciousness!

Happy Movie theatre day!


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