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Happy national hairdressers day


I love my hair dressers! They made the whole stressful transition from black to blonde painfree and exciting and so for national hairdresser appreciation day I thought I would make them some super cool cookies! This isn't so much a DIY because they are so super mea easy but I've included a little recipe just incase you want to show your hairdresser some love!

100g (4oz) butter

100g (4oz) Caster sugar

1 egg

vanilla essence

175g (6oz) plain flour

roll out icing

different colourings

1) Cream the butter and the sugar until light and creamy.

2) Beat an egg in a small bowl, beat in the vanilla essence and add to your mixture.

3) sift in your flour, mix well.

4) Roll out your mix and use round cookie cutters to make your shapes.

5) Cook your cookies for 10-15 minutes at 180oC or gas mark 4.

To decorate I rolled out some icing and used the same round cookie cutter to cut out icing circles. I then mixed up some pink food colouring and using a clean paintbrush painted  some circles on my cookies. Here come the fun bit! To make your hair colour some roll out icing and push it through a garlic press. Go crazy with colours and styles!

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