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Happy belated Star wars Day


My server was be SOOOO annoying last night and wouldn't let me post and so I am very sorry to bring you this day post late. Yesterday I celebrated Star Wars day with lightsaber pocky! If you haven't had pocky before it is a delicious Japanese candy which is shapedas very thin biscuits covered with chocolate. Follow the DIY below and enjoy a belated celebration!

100g/ 3.5oz Unsalted Butter

140g/ 5oz Caster Sugar

1 egg

200g/ 7oz Plain Flour

Vanilla Flavouring

White chocolate

Red and Green food colouring

1) First cream together the butter, sugar and vanilla until light and creamy.

2) Add the egg and mix well.

3) Sift in your flour and mix until the mixture becomes a dough.

4) Dust your surface with flour and knead until workable.

5) Pull off small chunks of dough and roll until long breadstick-like shapes.

6) Cook for around 10 minutes at 170oC/ 324oF/ Gas mark 3

7) When golden brown remove from the oven and place to cool on a wire rack.

8) Melt some white chocolate over a boiling pan.

9) Using food colouring colour your chocolate red and green.

10) Once your biscuits have cooled, using the back of a spoon spread your chocolate over your biscuits.

11) Place in the fridge to set.

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