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The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt


There is the coolest event in London right now! Fabergé, the famous jeweler, has organised a huge easter egg hunt of 200 giant eggs throughout London!!!!!! The eggs are a little under a metre and are decoratedby famous artists including Marc Quinn, Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood, Sir Ridley Scott, and Polly Morgan.

I discovered my first egg yesterday in Kingly court and it's pretty stunning! I can't wait to go up and find them all!!! Apparently you can get clues sent to your phone. It sounds like such fun. The eggs will be there until easter and if you manage to find them all you get put into a prize draw to win a Fabergé egg worth over £100,000. That's a pretty good egg hunt!

The reason I discovered this amazing egg hunt was because I took a trip to London for more dental surgery (eurgh) and then went for afternoon tea in Kingly Court. Doesn't it just look beautiful? I love the way they constantly adorn the place with fairy lights even when it's not Christmas. It seems like such a hidden magical nook.

Sigh, Camillia's is just too beautiful. Everything is so pretty there it makes you want to take a million pictures. Sadly I couldn't because I had to eat that delicious red velvet cake. Yummm!

Edit: this post was originally published on Mar 1 2012 9:30PM

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