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DIY origami crane earrings


I love making origami cranes while I'm watching telly; its very relaxing and you end up with such a pretty collection! I decided to make some cute earrings out of them! Enjoy.

6 Paper cranes. Mine are modelled from a quarter of one of those notepad blocks so they end up super tiny.

Acrylic Spray

Clear nail varnish

Some Wire


Earring fittings (available in good craft stores or widely online)

Jump rings (these are the names for the little linking rings of wire which you use. You can easily make your own using wire and pliars but they are very cheap)

A needle

1. Collect together your orgiami cranes.

2. Using a needle make a whole through the centre of your cranes. It is easier to do this now than when they are covered in sticky stuff.

3. Spray your cranes with your acrylic spray. You should do this outside and cover your mouth and nose with a scarf so you don't get gluey lungs.

4. Leave your cranes to dry.

5. The acrylic should have made your cranes stiffer but they will not yet be shiny. If you don't want them to be shiny leave them as they are. If you like shiny things (like me)  cover them with a generous layer of clear nail varnish. This will also make your crane stronger as if it has been laminated.

6. Cut a piece of wire about 5cm long and thread it through the hole in your crane.

7. Using your pliars (or a thin knitting needle) create a loop under your crane.

8. Do the same at the top.

9. Thread some jump loops onto your wire fitting and add an earring fitting.

10. If you would like you can add long strings of your cranes.


Edit: This post was originally published on Feb 13 2012 5:53PM


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