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DIY Fab confetti art!


Yesterday my hole punch broke. One minute I was happily punching the next minute BANG little hole punch debris everywhere! It made me think three things. Firstly ARGGHGHGHGH, secondly “wowzas I punch a lot of coloured paper!” and thirdly “it looks just like confetti!” and so I had a relaxing evening punching lots of confetti out of some gorgeous and paper. And then of course I had to do something with it so I made a pretty poster to express my love! I hope you like it.

Load of coloured paper

A hole punch

A printer


White card


1) First go a little bit punch crazy and make a tonne of confetti. YIIPPPPEEEE!

2) Now either draw or print your message on your card.

3) Trace over your letters with a lot of glue.

4) Pour your confetti over your message.

5) Give it a little shave insuring it gets everywhere.

6) Now shake off any extra confetti revealling your message.

7) Using your tweezers take away any stray pieces of confetti or fill in any gaps.

8) Admire!


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