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DIY- Dying a synethetic wig


My hair is naturally black so as you can imagine it took a while to make it this light. Because of this I'm too scared to dye it crazy colours incase I ruin it all and it just falls to the floor with a thud. But I love colourful hair! So I've been experimenting with wigs. I bought this wig the other day from ebay and love the shape. Plus it was really cheap; just a lil fancy dress one.

However I wanted to be colourful so I decided on a colour and set off to dye it. Seeing as wigs are made of plastic regular hair dye doesn't work so I had to try something else.

Previously I have dip dyed some clip ins using food colouring mixed with conditioner. This was sooo easy so I tried this first. To cut a long story short it didn't work in any way. For an hour my wig had a beautiful greeny colour and then once I rinsed the conditioner all the colour fell down the plug hole. It was all very sad.

So I did some googling and discovered that sharpies are effective with dying wigs. Great! I thought and ran away from the screen and grabbed a sharpie. Three hours later I was still painstakingly colouring in locks of hair. It isn't a method I would recommend to anyone.

It was only when I came to write this up that I discovered there was a much easier way to dye using sharpies which I will be trying next week. So stay tuned until then and pity me for those three fume filled hours of my life I will never get back.

Edit: this post was originally published on Feb 28 2012 7:06PM

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