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DIY decorate your ukulele!


 So I would have something to do during my time in bed I bought a ukulele. Random I know, but it's so cute! It was only £20 from ebay and was available in every colour of the rainbow. I'm planning to collect them and hang them on the wall, wouldn't they look adorable all lined up!?

I decided my ukulele wasn't quite me enough so I decorated it! First I got a nail art pen and outlined a heart with the nib...

I then filled the heart in with the brush. 

If you want to be nice and subtle you can leave a single heart...

Or completely cover your uke with love! Yay! If you want to learn the ukulele I totally reccomend it; it's the easiest instrument to learn ever. I can already play 5 years time by Noah and the Whale and it sounds so cute.  Some apps you will want to buy is the "UkuleleTuner" which works so perfectly and "UkuleleTabs" which has about a gazillion songs on it.

Happy strumming guys!

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