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DIY coffee stencils


I drink an awful lot of coffee, but sometimes its just not enough of a pretty experience. I decided I would make it so and made these stencils. Aren’t they cute? The best part is you can use them again and again if you laminate them so now there is no excuse not to have pretty coffee every day.

- Some card


-A scalpel

-A laminator (this is optional but it means you can make your design re-usable)

-A pen.

1. Draw around your coffee cup onto a piece of card.

2. Make sure you add a little handle which you can hold your stencil with.

3. Cut out your shape and cut a circle out of the middle.

4. Laminate your shapes.

5. Using a marker draw or write out your design on the plastic.

6. When you are happy with your design cut it out using a scalpel.

7. Place your stencil over your coffee and sprinkle with chocolate.

8. Remove your stencil, marvel at your creativity and have a sneaky sip.


Edit: this post was originally published on Mar 1 2012 9:56PM


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