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DIY- A bouquet of pencils!


Lately I've been finishing off my room and making it look all pretty. When it's messy I always find it so exciting because of all the brightly coloured pretty junk everywhere and then suddenly when I was clear I missed the colours! All I could see was this glaring pencil pot staring at me. So I did a little pencil make over and now my desk always makes me smile!


Floristry tape

Coloured paper



1. First wrap your pencils with floristry tape to make them look like stems.

2. Make some fringing for the centre of your flower by getting a small amount of yellow paper and making small cuts all the way along.

3. Wrape your fringing around the end of your pencil.

4. Secure the end with floristry tape.

5. Now create a stencil for your flower.  I folded a piece of note paper into eights and then drew a diagonal petal.

6. Cut out two flowers for each pencil and cut out a circle in the centre.

7. Thread your flower onto your pencil.

8. Thread your second flower and move until you are happy with its positioning.

9. Secure with florist tape.  




 Edit: this post was originally published on Mar 8 2012 8:34PM


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