Wednesday, 23 April 2014

DIY Bauble Chandelier

What with uni work and exams looming (they're all over in 15 days!!!) I haven't had a lot of time for crafting. There has been major craft withdrawal here, guys! 

Over the last couple of weeks I've been redecorating my room in my family home. I've lived in the same house since I was born and so my room was rather childish and in need of a bit of an upheaval. After taking out all the childish elements I was left with a bare light bulb- not too pretty. I wanted to make a light fitting which would look nice and bright and cartoony but not too childish. You can make your own with any baubles (now is the perfect time to buy them online because it's no where near Christmas!). 

You will need:
A plastic plate
A drill 
A Stanley knife
A sharpie
Card for a template
Fishing line or acrylic thread
A needle
Baubles (I used about 60. I bought mine from Paperchase)
1. Take your plate. I bought two just to test cutting the plastic. I really recommend this because some plastics shatter when cut or drilled too fast.
2. Make a template with card. Your inner circle needs to be the right size to fit around your light fixture. Draw your inner circle using sharpie.
3. Using your sharpie draw dots around the edge of the plate as markers for your drill holes.
4. Using your Stanley knife make perforations in the plastic so you make a dotted line.
5. Turn your plate over, it should like this.
6. Using a combination of pushing and cutting push out the centre.
7. Now drill your holes. Make sure they're not too close together that the balls will all collide. ( I had to rewrite that sentence so many times so it didn't sound rude!)
8.  Your plate should look all pocked like this.
9. Take your baubles.
10. Stack up some cans of soup as tall as you want your chandelier to hand and balance your plate on top.
11. Thread your fishing line through one of the holes and tie a bauble on the end.
12. If you like you can cut this thread and knot it at the top but I was worried about the knots slipping through. To avoid this I then took the end of the thread with the bauble on it and threaded it through a second hole and attached another bauble to this.
13. Build up your chandelier.
14. Now time to attach your light. Most fixture will look like this and have a screw thread in the middle which you can unscrew and then put your fixture over. Just remember to turn off the power before hand because this is a real electrical hazard.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

My room lately.

I have never been so relieved to be at home. Thank you for all of your lovely emails and such they mean the world to me. A little snapshot of my last few days clearing out my bedroom.
 My mickey cake stand covered in baubles.
 Found this hilarious fella from the Comdomerie in Amsterdam. So dapper.
 My beautiful Snoopy dress. I think they took a quick glance at Peanuts and thought Woodstock was just a yellow Snoopy.
 I'm so paranoid about stopping my hair fading that I am building up quite the sun hat collection.

Monday, 17 March 2014

This Weekend...

 As you may have gathered from my sparse activity lately there is some annoying and distracting stuff in my life which has been taking up a lot of my time (but mostly just my thoughts). Finally we are nearing the end of term and I get to go home soon for a bit of a break (18 days!!! Woooo!) but until then it's been a case of keeping myself busy and getting lots done. This weekend was the first time in a while I just let myself relax. George visited and I got to remind myself just how lovely Edinburgh can be. Just visiting bars and coffeehouses with loved ones is THE BEST.
On Friday night we took a trip to see the Grand Budapest Hotel (it was my second time that week!) and sat for 90 minutes having pure happiness take place infront of us courtesy of Mr Wes Anderson. I do adore than man and everything he touches. I'm sure I will post a lot more about this film. If you haven't been to see it GO AND SEE IT NOW!
We then took a trip to the Nation Museum where there was a big exhibit on about wooly mammoths. As you may know I am a rather big fan of Mammoths and so I was pretty darn excited. However when we got there the ticket man told us that it was mainly for children, only takes 30 minutes to walk around and was £9. I kind of wavered, after all I do like things for children. They told us the main exhibit was a baby mammoth replica called Lyuba which prompted much awwwing from me, I then looked up a picture. Lyuba is not as cute as her name. I'm sorry but a baby mammoth should literally be the cutest thing. In the end we just went to the gift shop and I got this pen. I was absolutely fine with that.
 I also had a complete and utter shopping success this weekend. I love the Rifle Paper Co and have been dying to buy their Secret Garden calendar for aaaaagees. When it first came out I just could justify it; postage alone was about £20 and so I had to let it slide. Way back in February when I was browsing the sale section of Waterstones I saw the calendar for £14.99 and squealed with excitement. But once again I kind of checked myself and thought that was a lot of money to spend on a calendar. I let it slide again. A couple of nights ago I was looking on their website and seriously regretting not buying it. I decided to just take the plunge and buy it from them because I loved it and money is for spending on things you love. Just as I was checking out I decided to wait until later that week so I could check if they still had it in Waterstones (although I didn't think they would as it was on sale MONTHS ago). And so I trudged in there today and what do I spy!? A calendar with a huge sticker on it saying "REDUCED TO CLEAR! 99p!" RESULT!!!!
 I also received an amazing parcel this weekend which was the result of a gigantic online shopping spree a couple of weeks ago. New clothes are the best.
Stay happy my dears.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Etsy Finds- Cuore Clutch Bags!

Novelty bags seem to be everywhere lately and I love it! A good novelty clutch is perfect for upping the ante and adding a touch of quirk to a regular outfit and you can't get much better than Cuore's amazing collection of Pooch Pouches. Her designs are amazing and all of her feedback confirms amazing handmade craftmanship (which I find can be rare with novelty items, which is so unfair! Just because I'm ordering something with a cartoon on it doesn't mean I don't want it to be made well!). Personally I'm trying to decide which of the Dachshunds to buy. Hmmmm
PS If you're also finding it hard to choose between those darling Dachsund's Cuore offers adorable matching purses in Brown and Black. Waaaay too adorable!

This post was written in collaboration with Etsy Affiliation but all choices of content all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A giveaway with Glasses Direct!

I get quite a few emails about glasses. I've been wearing glasses for uni and reading for a few years now and it can be rather hard to find a snazzy pair. For my first pair of glasses I fell in love with a designer pair of sunglasses I found at the opticians; I BEGGED them to put regular lenses in, they did and for about a year I had the pleasure of walking around in these amazingly, wonderfully huge buggy specs. They looked ridiculous-I loved them!!! Until last December, when they broke just before my exam. I sent them away to be fixed but it would seem the damage was done. I mourned those glasses and sort of gave up finding a fashionable alternative.

One day on a complete whim I decided to google online glasses shops. I came across Glasses Direct and instantly knew I wanted to work with them for the blog. This company is amazing. 1) They have absolutely wonderful, colourful and fashionable frames. 2) They are really affordable (you order one pair you get another free...AND it can be two different prescriptions!) 3) Their ordering process is really cool!

Basically Glasses Direct has solved the biggest problem with buying glasses online; ideally you really want to try them on. So they offer a service where you choose your four favourite styles and they send them to you, with clear frames, free of charge for you to try on. You then try them on, return them within 7 days and choose your favourites to have your prescription put in. UH- MAZING.

Because I love both you guys and working with uber cool companies, I am excited to say that I am hosting a giveaway for Glasses Direct.

In order to enter simply
Pop on over to the Glasses Direct facebook page, give them a like and post "Enter Now That's Pretty's Give Away" on the wall.
Follow this blog in some manner (Facebook, GFC, Bloglovin)
Then post a comment on this post telling me you have entered! Simple pimple!

You will win a pair of glasses from the beautiful Scout range.
Competition closes Midday 19th March.

Good Luck!
PS All opinions are entirely my own. If I sound overly emphatic it is not due to me being paid to be so... I'm just a very excitable person. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Evolution of Blogs

First of all let me say how incredibly touched I was by the response to my last post. I still haven't had a chance to return all your kind comments and emails but please know they truly helped me and made me smile, so thank you so much.

In a way it was a real relief to write that post; obviously because it got things off my chest but also because it opened up new and different blog content for me. I think of Now That's Pretty as a craft blog, that's the way I describe it to people and they way I think it comes across to readers. Thinking of it this way, however does stop me from writing a lot of content. Outfit posts, posts about uni and just posts about everyday life often get sidelined in my head as I think they won't fit into the 'craft'  remit that I've set myself. This is something I really want to change- I want Now That's Pretty to have a lot more lifestyle content. Lately uni has been picking up and so I haven't been able to craft as much as I'd like and this means that I just haven't been posting- hopefully that will change soon but until it does, it will be nice to be able to post content which isn't purely craft based. I hope you guys agree that this seems to be a natural evolution for my blog... if you're not convinced then just you wait. You're gonna love it!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Show me what I'm feeling...1

Pictures often speak to me a lot more than words ever could. It might be something to do with the fact that I study words; doing that makes you realise how accidental and silly most meanings are. After all, if a meaning just arose because of a slang or an accident then how could it possibly, accurately describe this weird BIG feeling I'm having now. I think that's why I like pictures so much. They speak.

So I think I'm going to start posting pictures when they particularly sing to me. Indulge me.

Lately I have been seeing an amazing amount of posts floating around on the subject on mental health. I am awed by the bravery of these bloggers and also the accepting nature of the community in response to them. Sadly it is something I am not quite prepared to write yet but I did think this picture spoke a little as to what some of us feel sometimes.

Obviously black cats are very beautiful, they don't NEED white on them but EVERYONE else has it. There is incredible strength in numbers. I am going through a little bit of an awkward situation at the moment (I am sure I will talk about it one day, when I am safely out of the chance of repercussions and my posts could count as advise rather than just venting) which has just reminded me that some playground attitudes remain the same always. I am in the familiar situation where being 'different' is suddenly a bad thing. It is so confusing. I remember this so well from school; wearing bright clothes, cutting all your hair off, being interested in weird topics- it just doesn't float with young kids; they take safety in numbers. As I got older it suddenly became NECESSARY to be different. Suddenly at the stroke of seventeen everyone started trying to convince everyone else they had 'something' about them and the kids who were ignored for 'differences' suddenly got a quiet reverence. For the last couple of years I have got on decidedly well with people but it is sad to remember that may only be because they are allowing it; they are saying "oh, she's artistic so she's different" whereas ten years ago they would have said the same thing as an insult.

Right now I really feel like the black cat. I am in a situation where once again there is a group which I am different from and naturally that is hard. I am not saying that they are wrong in anyway in being different from me, I am only saying that it is a shame to see differences as a negative. Of course this is upsetting... mainly because this sort of thing is so much worse when you're an adult! When you're a kid you can reply or shout back at the insults; they are out there for all to see and hear and accept and explain themselves to. It is a whole lot harder to counter people-going-quiet-when-you-enter-a-room, or sideways-glances-at-each other, or comments-which-could-be-taken-both-ways. It is much harder to be a black cat when everyone else is not. I just have to keep remembering that there are groups of black cats out there and its only a matter of time before I am with them!